Chocolate rings

by Umberto - Saturday, September 29, 2012

Chocolate rings

One of the largest European manufacturers of these decorations had to increase the staff, time and energy to be able to produce 60,000 pieces for a day of these colorful rings chocolate.

Plus he had a lot of product lost because, although made ??by hand, sometimes they were not finished well and he could not sell.

He 's gone around Europe in search of machines that give him the possibility to produce in an easy way  but custom solutions to give a good  production at an affordable cost he has not  found .

Some months ago he came to see us and now  he has an automated system that will allow him to produce with more serenity.

I can not say it was easy but at least when I accepted this challenge I was prepared to face some difficulties more than my  previous customizations.

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.... but you go on the right or on the left?

by Umberto - Monday, September 24, 2012

I do not speak about driving the car or about the politic way ..... I talk about the personalization of  machine for chocolate!

Normally our enrobing machines have the load from the right (from the point of view of the operator!) and the output of the product on the left.

However, at times to make usable old existing installations or, at other times, for reasons of space in the local or operational needs of layout, somebody needs to reverse the load of the product from left to right.

Just say it and we make the line covering as you want, an example is this Maestria installed near Turin.


after mix, there is the tempering system

by Umberto - Tuesday, September 11, 2012

After the mix of chocolate in the tank, with the necessary changes to the system of heating and mixing, here is the temper of blocks of chocolate made in Genova performed by this  personalyzed Maestria .


The small chocolate factory

by Umberto - Monday, September 10, 2012

The small chocolate factory

The machine to refine the cocoa paste, the bath to stabilize and then the Maestria modified to mix  it with cocoa butter.

And then  the system for temper the chocolate with our continuos system programmable in the morning for the auto start and in the evening for save the energy and close itself alone.

And tomorrow we see the blocks of chocolate made by  Zuccotti,in Genova,  and if I find the time, even the coatings because basically this Maestria, despite these changes requested by the customer, remained still a great tempering enrobing machine.

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Chocolate "built" in a Maestria

by Umberto - Saturday, September 1, 2012

Chocolate "built" in a Maestria

An old chocolate lab in Genova bought this Maestria with some modifications in the tank where the costumer put a mix of cocoa mass with sugar and the cocoa butter. We have changed some things in the software, in the mixer of the bowl and with the system for keep hot and closed the warm room for the mix of the ingredients and within a few minutes  you could have  dark chocolate , milkchocolate  or gianduja.

It is not a counce but is more than a normal tempering machine and ..... the system works so easy that at the end of little time you could taste a very good chocolate that is also very artisan.

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chocolate under, on the top and inside

by Umberto - Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's not magic ...It's true.

 Fbm is this: customization, concreteness, perhaps sometimes too much, but so is Fbm.

Sometimes we forget the marketing, and this in today's world is bad, but if you have to work your chocolate in a personal way and with a level of absolute quality, then it is best that you call us.

Put the chocolate in the product? You can do ... even if the level adjustments are often not so obvious.

Put the chocolate on top? Everybody could do this ...

Being able to put the chocolate inside? It 's difficult but not impossible .... the proble is to give the right level of chocolate inside.

Put the chocolate inside and keep out the most quantity of it  because you need the same quantity of  chocolate inside like in the outside of the cannolo for give the space to make  a room for cannoli filling?

Well, Fbm has done it for this customer in New York .

We put the cannolo on a lift to attack him with the air for keep out the most quantity of chocolate and we do this before of the cooling tunnel that give the finished cannolo with chocolate.

Production line consists in Mtr 60 with the enrobing belt of 60 cm + Cooling tunnel Climatico with 4 meters in a minute of top speed.

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The cannoli of Bronx

by Umberto - Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The cannoli of Bronx

Today start the three-days test for a line for coating with Mtr 60 and the cooling tunnel Climatico.

The product that we have to deal with chocolate? The cannoli ..... that must be covered, drawn and coated with chocolate also inside.

In the past, we have made for a  customer of Massachusetts a similar coating line  that could cover  the cannoli to the top and to the bottom but now we give the possibility to put the chocolate also inside.

Destination of this exciting coating line ?

Again in America but in New York and, as we know, the Sicilian cannoli is always at home in the Bronx .....

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to cover the cakes when they are very high

by Umberto - Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This  is the video of the test made some days ago in  Fbm before sending the enrobing line to Alba.

Tempering enrobing machne, Mtr 60,  with a tunnel for the crystallization of the chocolate, Climatico.

The height of the product is 23 centimeters and so we had to "push up" both , the department covering and , by modifying the tunnel in the cold room of it, pushing up to the product running space.

The quickest way to change the tunnel was to remove the  cold room and  place a pipe for push the cold air directly on the product covered, but we preferred the original model, Climatico is always our concept of cooling tunnel , and so we have  done a very high superior room for give the cold air in the right way and for grant to the costumer to haven't halos after a few days from the covering  of the product.

Soon I will post the video made ??in Alba in the Costumer's  factory , famous  manufacturer of high-level Panettoni.


Enrobing line for Panettoni in Alba

by Umberto - Friday, June 15, 2012

Enrobing line for Panettoni in Alba

Test day in Fbm.

We are sending  an enrobing line for panettone designed for particolars products with the heights of 23 cm.

The line consists of an Mtr 60  with the enrobing belt and a cooling tunnel Climatico.

We are not new to this kind of lines so that some of the most popular national brand manufacturers have already some panettone lines built by us.

In this case the Customer, a famous manufacturer of high quality, had already bought a first line similar few years ago and now he 'll receive this new line in the factory of Alba.

Here , there are some pictures and soon will post a small video images and obviously we're going to do the testingvideo in the site of  the customer.

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The 3 stages continuos tempering and the mini tunnel

by Umberto - Saturday, June 9, 2012

The 3 stages continuos tempering and the mini tunnel

The  pictures of the coating line consisting in a tempering enrobing Unica and a Climatico  of 4 meters assembled in a way that it could bring to the second floor.

As you can see the continuous tempering machine Unica with 3-stage tempering system, give the homogeneous dissolving of the crystals and the same temperature for the pre-crystal the chocolate  for give  a better result than the normal standards machine.

Unica has also an electronic management system that allows switching on and off by itself and let free the User to go away when he finish the job and so it can save the energy , thing that it has been really  appreciated in Great Britain .

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