not only 7 kilos but also Compatta , 12 kilos, for enrobing your products

by Umberto - Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just to clarify, remember that FBM, which is at the forefront of the sector, has coating machinesof  60, 45, 25 kilograms of bowl.

Since last year we designed an enrobing  carriage for, Prima, 7 kilogramsof bowl , that by some weeks, could also works on our Compatta  tempering machine of 12 kilograms.

Here is a delivery inspection carried out in the Molise region in these days where you can see the mostaccioli, which can be done easily with our Sintesi  dropping machine, covered with black chocolate with our Compatta equipped with a carriage that has nothing less than the sisters bigger of before


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