Maya or not Maya...... Happy new 2012!

by Umberto - Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Maya or not Maya...... Happy new 2012!

I don’t think that this is  the last First day of the year as it is narrated by Maya also because having been in a lot of  cities of Maya people and having seen their precise organization, I think the  21.12.2012 is only the end of a calculation of their reasoning that "to print newspapers "has been exploited by modern charlatans.
But I think that will be the end of a world that thinks in a certain way .... Waste for useless things are reduced to small, ephemeral whims. Money waiting to "get bigger" will be spent with less joy. Time and space will take more and more consistency in organizing any activity. Who will be organized and attentive to detail will have chance to resist and possibly get better.
Italy and Italians surpass even this ... .. be 'always say that fit and this time will have to beat themselves.
In our small way we can say that FBM in these coming months will think even more to offer to all machines for chocolate and biscuits viewed from the side of the pastry and not from the manufacturer.
Everyone will work on saving money, consumption, space and producing what is actually needed and not what you would like to produce.
You are a confectionery that also works under contract and  we will offer Your Machine.
If  you area chocolate pastry that consumes few pounds a month  we will offer Your Machine.
Essential, practical but also very convenient.

Happy new year!


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