Real success for Chocolab in Sigep

by Umberto - Thursday, January 26, 2012

Real success for Chocolab in Sigep

Also in Sigep, in a year where the world is changing, where the solid reality that seemed important become incredibly fragile, in a year where the future is for innovation and for people which can be very flexible there could benothing more appropriate than Chocolab.

The Italian pastries and chocolate are still very lively and still enjoy a not so bad health but, nevertheless, the spirit that everybody feel is full of prudence.

It 'no use thinking about what could be done tomorrow. It 'better to think of the present day.

How much chocolate can be  tempered with common machines, 100 pounds for  hour or more? Some competitors also say that  they will produce pounds in a few minutes without remembering that the average production of an Italian pastry is 100 pounds for  month and that you have also to keep liquid and hot before tempering .....

But at least what the people  are looking for in  Sigep?

A multifunctional machine like  Chocolab that gives the possibility to change the type of production in a few minutes, is affordable and produces what is really needed at the bakery.

  • Real success for Chocolab in Sigep


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