fbm tempers also cocoa butter

by Umberto - Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Today, at the fair, we sold a tempering machine that will be used also for the melting of cocoa butter.

 In the sales speaking , the costumer says me that some French and Italian competitors were telling  that is not possible to melt and pump the cocoa butter.

So here you have a good opportunity to see the cocoa butter melted, pumped  and tempered with a Maestria   done less than a month ago in  one of the mayor company of the market.

Misinformation is dangerous and also this is a reason why this blog exists, but if you do not know somethings would be better to stay silent and do make mistakes, possibly, to your competitor that want to sell something that could not going on  .....

Cocoa butter is the noble part of the chocolate and Fbm take on in a very carefully way when it is togheter with its friends mass and sugar (chocolate indeed!) and also when its is alone......


This is only for your knowledge.


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