Relentlessly. And everything under 0 °C

by Umberto - Friday, May 18, 2012

When we speak about a special productions.

For an important customer of Israel  that produces frozen cakes covered with this surrogate for ice cream we have modified Maestria  with variations dedicated to the management of the temperatures and other changes in the construction of dedicated enrobing belt that, here, we show at  20% of the speed productions  during the initial testing.

Experience for covering the ice cream we've had in the past but this was a new challenge because instead of the usual - 0 degrees C , her we have found also -25 points with a final production of hundreds of kilos in a full day without never stop the machine for almost 8 hours.

Who understands the mechanic under 0 (aluminum and steel change their size!)  could imagine some of the difficulties we had to overcome.


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