to cover the cakes when they are very high

by Umberto - Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This  is the video of the test made some days ago in  Fbm before sending the enrobing line to Alba.

Tempering enrobing machne, Mtr 60,  with a tunnel for the crystallization of the chocolate, Climatico.

The height of the product is 23 centimeters and so we had to "push up" both , the department covering and , by modifying the tunnel in the cold room of it, pushing up to the product running space.

The quickest way to change the tunnel was to remove the  cold room and  place a pipe for push the cold air directly on the product covered, but we preferred the original model, Climatico is always our concept of cooling tunnel , and so we have  done a very high superior room for give the cold air in the right way and for grant to the costumer to haven't halos after a few days from the covering  of the product.

Soon I will post the video made ??in Alba in the Costumer's  factory , famous  manufacturer of high-level Panettoni.


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