Praline with olive oil .... gold

by Umberto - Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Praline with olive oil .... gold

Recipe exhibited  in the last course at our school with Ernst Knam.

It 's a recipe at least .... original.

But who taste the first one,  immediately takes a second ....

For molds:

cocoa butter green
powder gold

to distribute  powder gold over the the molds. Sprinkle with cocoa butter  green.Make the shell with dark chocolate 60%.


150 gblack olives
200 gwater
200 gsugar
200 gfresh cream33%
500 gwhite chocolateVelvet
100 gextra virginolive oilParticle34
     2 gMaldon salt

Cut very small the olives. Bring water and sugar in 100 grade C, add the olive sand cook for 5  minutes. Bring the cream in 100 grade too and emulsify with the white chocolate. Combine slowly the extra virgin olive oil, salt and maldon .Fill the molds.Let crystallize. Close the mold with dark chocolate 60%.


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