Even the number 1 has chosen Fbm

by Umberto - Sunday, February 3, 2013

Even the number 1 has chosen Fbm

The Fbm machines for chocolate, tempering and cooling tunnels, has been chosen also  by the leading manufacturer of products for special occasions.

After almost one year of trials of various Italian and foreign manufacturers of chocolate machines, Fbm has been chosen for its technology dedicated to chocolate and its attention to the final result in different productions with the same basic machine to create a modular system dedicated to the best final result and the with a right  price that , in these days, even the "giants" treat with care.

Faced with alternatives producers that are not always make with an accurate attention and, sometime,  with cases of sovracristallizzazione after only a few tens of minutes of production, Fbm offered machines with true continuous temperature and modular to allow different processes with the same model of machine.

Another thing that determineted this choice are the  accessories of Fbm: the accessories passed the examination "washability" being easily removable and washable without supports bulky and permanent shelters
of bacterial charges.

In short, we  do a great job also because with the industrial companies can not "bluff" ....

  • Even the number 1 has chosen Fbm


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