From Lima: Salon du Cacao

by Umberto - Sunday, July 7, 2013

From Lima: Salon du Cacao

It 's very interesting to see how the world is trying to change. I don't know if the world 'll change  but it is interesting that movement.

The web, the green consciousness for our planet, the politicians who are never what they seem ....
Even in the world of cocoa there is turmoil and there are many local producers of cocoa starting to sell directly to small transformers without going through the usual 2.3 big corporations that guarantee quality but tend to format the chocolate flavor of all. Today the brands that you could know for flavor are few and often are known for their packaging or to care for aesthetic details.

The result of this change? A different chocolate, uncommon, with a different taste and a particular attention to those farmers who in all these decades have been too often exploited.

And so this weekend in Lima, Peru, we found many small producers of cocoa who are looking for Americans and Europeans Buyers who transform these magical pods in a free and special new Food of the Gods.

  • From Lima: Salon du Cacao


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