And in Florence... Kleego!

by Umberto - Wednesday, September 18, 2013

And in Florence... Kleego!

Finally also the Italian craftsman of chocolate has seen  the benefits to produce his chocolate thanks to Kleego.

Until now, in recent months, only customers "from bean to bars" from Central America, the U.S., Australia and some countries of northern Europe, were able to appreciate Kleego.

Now, after having tested a few months ago in our school his product, we have the first Italian craftsman who produces chocolate through Kleego.

Produce own chocolate is not so difficult and gives significant advantages such as having an own real identity, not only related to packaging (expensive!) and presentation (both good experience and a lot of  time ).

In addition, the gain is very high and Kleego do a lot of job giving the way also to put
own personality to the chocolate!

After a few weeks of production in his laboratory in Scandicci, the first customer of Italian Kleego loves it!


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