by Umberto - Saturday, November 30, 2013


Basic recipe for about 1400 grams with respect to percentages :

412 grams of powdered sugar ( caster sugar finely chopped)
142 grams of egg white ( to be fitted) + 124 grams raw
412 grams of powdered almonds 100 %
90 grams of water (to boil at 110 ° C )
330 grams of sugar

1 Sift and mix the granulated sugar and almond powder to eliminate
any lumps
2 Boil water and sugar to 110 ° c
3 Attach 142 grams of egg white
4 Mix the water and sugar with egg white
5 When the meringue is put in a bit cooler than the 124 grams of egg white
6 Then gradually add granulated sugar and almond powder ( first point ) to avoid formation of lumps
7 stir for 30 seconds by hand and with vertical movements from top to bottom

Put the dough into the hopper of the depositor FBM TOWER DROP with head pump and pour spouts with smooth Ø 8mm
Leave the cast product for 20/25 minutes. When the surface seems to congeal and form a crust is the time to bake.
Use an electric oven with adjustable ventilation and put the product for 10 minutes at 140 ° c .
The macaroon must have a diameter of 40mm must have inflated height of about 10mm with respect to the raw product .
At this point 2 macarons are to be joined together with the ganache do not overdo it with the filling


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