In Italy: from bean to bar

by Umberto - Tuesday, February 18, 2014

In Italy: from bean to bar

Twenty years ago when I met an Italian costumer to sell a tempering machine , I had to explain why the chocolate produced in his lab was the only one you can sell instead to sell some product that you could find also inside to the shop of your local competitor.

My friend Andrea Slitti always rememeber me that he began to work the chocolate because his references were identical to those of the competitor of the neighboring country ... Today everyone has the tempering machine and many have 2, 3 or even more .

But the bar, the chocolate sold is coming from the same "mother" , and this makes the commercial challenge once again only a matter of packaging and price.

In the U.S. and across America , in many countries outside the EEC and now also in Northern Europe and in the UK itself there are craftsmen who do get their beans directly from a single supplier ( do Cru , very expensive from commercial suppliers ! ) and, with small inexpensive equipment, they  create their own chocolate that allows them a price, a market and an absolute recognition so that in recent years much to win prizes in contests and competitions around the world.

You can continue to use the commercial chocolate pralines or more references to create but you can have your chocolate in tablet allows you to present to the world , even outside Italy , like a business card an, if you are patient and good craft,  absolute winner .

Few cases in Italy but who has chosen this path has made the leap and maybe that,  within twenty years, we'll find ourselves  to talk about those years in which in Italy was beginning to understand the importance and the operating margin that is may be becoming "from bean to bar" ....

  • In Italy: from bean to bar


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