Chocolate with yuzuu, orange's honey and wax.

by Umberto - Thursday, July 31, 2014

Chocolate with yuzuu, orange's honey and wax.

Here's a new recipe by Ernst Knam made in our school EliteFbm!

For mold:

Dark chocolate for polka dots
Cocoa butter yellow
Making polka dots with tempered chocolate in molds. Spray the molds with butter
cocoa yellow. Making shirt with white chocolate.
100 g honey orange
100 g sugar
20 g dextrose
30 g glucose
200 g juice yuzuu
3 g wax (sosa)
20 g sorbitol
250 g white chocolate
q.b. Lemon peel untreated
Dissolve the sugar and add the juice of yuzu. Melt the wax at 65 ° Cook for about 4
minutes. Pour over the other ingredients and emulsify. Cool down.
Fill the molds with honey first and then with the ganache. Let crystallize overnight.
Close the mold with white chocolate.


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