Praline with Yuzu by the School of Las Vegas

by Umberto - Saturday, February 28, 2015

Praline with Yuzu by the School of Las Vegas

In July Knam had proposed his own praline Yuzu. Today we see the praline Yuzu made by Melissa Coppel in the School in Las Vegas:

Yuzu Juice    Gr    140
Inverted sugar    Gr    15
Sorbitol    Gr    50
White chocolate    Gr    500
Dextrose    Gr    30
Salt    Gr    1
Butter    Gr    35
Cocoa butter    Gr    35
Cream    Gr    120
Glucose syrup     Gr    30

in a pot warm inverted sugar, sorbitol, dextrose, salt, butter, cream and glucose syrup to 30C.
In a different pot boil the yuzu juice.
Melt the chocolate and cocoa butter.
Make an emulsion.
Pipe at 27C.

For the shells:
Spray tempered white cocoa butter at 32C in the half sphere molds.
Make the shells with tempered white chocolate.
Fill with the ganache and let crystallize for 12 hours.
Close with tempered white chocolate.


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