The fifth School in the world. Thai Fbm Area is born.

by Umberto - Thursday, August 2, 2018

The fifth School in the world. Thai Fbm Area is born.

After the first school of chocolate and pastry in Legnano, Italian Fbm Area, the second in Las Vegas, American Fbm Area, the third in Sydney, Australian Fbm Area, the fourth in Bogota, Colombian Fbm Area, from next month born in Chiang Mai even the Thai Fbm Area where the production of chocolate bean to bar is taught in a virgin area for the local chocolate created by the cocoa beans. For years, Fbm has not only been thinking about promoting its brand, but also seeks to help the craft sector in the chocolate world by offering true "know-how" and always recommending the most appropriate route to each interlocutor. Perhaps it is also for this reason that those who start with Fbm continue to grow and do so increasingly with Fbm.

  1. chef mehernosh khajotia, says:

    closer to home ....will come for a class soon. Have been using FBM for many years very happy with the products.

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